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The way forward for customer support outsourcing: A nearshore answer

Companies are all the time on the lookout for strategies to enhance buyer happiness and repair supply within the ever-changing world of customer support outsourcing. In an episode of The Future Workforce Podcast, Jose Herrera, the creator of, shared insightful details about the business’s current modifications and the explanations behind the rising reputation of nearshore outsourcing options. Let’s look at the primary concepts raised by Herrera and examine the causes of this modification.

The challenges with conventional offshore outsourcing

For a few years, companies have outsourced their customer support actions to the Philippines. However a number of difficulties have pressured companies to reevaluate their selections:

  • Excessive turnover charges:  Within the Philippines, worker retention is a serious problem. Excessive turnover charges compromise service continuity and high quality since they necessitate ongoing recruiting and coaching bills.
  • Cultural understanding: Good customer support requires a radical understanding of the products or providers being offered. Cultural disparities could erect obstacles that decrease the usual of care.
  • Productiveness and suggestions loops: In offshore environments, sustaining steady productiveness and creating environment friendly suggestions loops could be tough. A weak suggestions system can impede efficiency enchancment.
  • Accent obstacles: Communication is the muse of customer support. Accent difficulties would possibly lead to misunderstandings and an unsatisfactory buyer expertise.
  • Time zone variations: There are notable time zone variations between the US and the Philippines, which may trigger coordination points and response time delays that scale back service effectiveness.

The rise of nearshore outsourcing

With a number of benefits that clear up the drawbacks of conventional offshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing has grow to be a aggressive different. Companies within the Dominican Republic like Horatio are prime examples of the advantages of nearshoring:

  • Cultural affinity: Nearshore companions within the Americas are extra culturally aligned with the US, which improves understanding and alignment with each company values and client expectations.
  • Accent neutrality: The Dominican Republic, for instance, employs employees with impartial accents to enhance buyer expertise and decrease communication obstacles.
  • Time zone alignment: Being in a time zone that’s corresponding to or an identical to that of US companies permits for real-time cooperation and communication, which boosts productiveness and responsiveness.

Enhancing communication and suggestions in customer support

Herrera emphasised a number of vital considerations, together with the dearth of constructive criticism and communication in labor relations, particularly within the Philippines. It’s frequent for workers members to really feel awkward providing criticism or calling out errors made by managers, which may hinder collaboration and problem-solving.

It’s essential for crew members to really feel snug talking as much as promote a collaborative and efficient work ambiance. For managers, constructive criticism and open communication are priceless since they can lead to main developments and progress. Selling an atmosphere of openness and respect for each other can assist in fixing issues rapidly and successfully.


The panorama of customer support outsourcing is altering dramatically, and plenty of companies are beginning to favor nearshore outsourcing. Jose Herrera’s ideas make clear the drawbacks of conventional offshore outsourcing and the benefits of nearshoring. Nearshore companions like Horatio are in a great place to supply distinctive buyer assist as a result of they’ll deal with issues like cultural misunderstandings, accent hurdles, and time zone disparities.

It will likely be important for companies to embrace open communication and domesticate a feedback-rich tradition as they search for methods to enhance their customer support operations. By taking this motion, they might assure the empowerment, productiveness, and alignment of their customer support groups with their organizational aims.

With nearshoring offering a aggressive edge in offering nice service and upholding consumer happiness, the way forward for customer support outsourcing seems vibrant.



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