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80 Makes use of for Frankincense Important Oil

I used to be in church on Sunday and my throat had that humorous tickle, you understand the one, like a frog is in there. You need to preserve coughing and coughing and coughing.

Not even water will make it cease.

So, I grabbed my Frankincense out of my purse and rubbed a pair drops immediately on my neck (sure, I by no means go away house with out my oils 🙂) and inside a minute, the ‘tickle’ was utterly gone. I finished coughing and was in a position to concentrate on the sermon!

So glad I didn’t have to go away and get water and miss half of it. Within the little methods of life, oils save the day on a regular basis.

“When unsure, use Frankincense,” I at all times say. This important oil fairly actually does EVERYTHING. Right here’s an inventory of SOME of the issues it may do!!! Take a look at the 80 makes use of for frankincense important oil beneath…

80 Makes use of for Frankincense Important Oil

  1. Disinfect cuts and wounds
  2. Seizures
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Enhances the impact of different oils when layered
  5. Fights most cancers
  6. Promotes wholesome pores and skin
  7. Apoptosis of pre-cancerous cells
  8. Scar reducer
  9. Anti-tumoral
  10. Nice for pet well being
  11. Helps mobile well being
  12. Diffuse for Alzheimer’s sufferers
  13. Gum well being
  14. Helps mind operate
  15. Poison ivy (with Lavender and Melaleuca)
  16. Blood blisters
  17. Stressed legs
  18. Reduces noncancerous growths
  19. A number of Sclerosis
  20. Diffuse for assist with grief and mourning
  21. Pores and skin most cancers
  22. Heals pimples scars
  23. Diffuse with different oils for a vacation scent
  24. Lou Gehrig’s illness
  25. Thyroid assist
  26. Pores and skin Infections
  27. Eczema
  28. Add to the flu bomb
  29. Chest congestion
  30. Extreme cough reduction
  31. Drop underneath the tongue for total well being
  32. Laryngitis throat spray
  33. Reduction for sun-damaged pores and skin
  34. Reduces wrinkles
  35. Confusion
  36. Coughs
  37. Pores and skin an infection
  38. Psychological fatigue
  39. Moles (pores and skin)
  40. Fantastic aroma for diffusing
  41. Useful for autistic youngsters
  42. Scarring
  43. Postpartum despair
  44. Tumor
  45. Ulcer
  46. Warts
  47. Wrinkles
  48. Alzheimer’s illness
  49. Hepatitis
  50. Immune system assist
  51. Miscarriage (after)
  52. Nasal polyp
  53. Parkinson’s illness
  54. Plague
  55. Uterus tissue regeneration
  56. Contaminated wounds
  57. Emotional abandonment
  58. Emotional disconnection
  59. Dental ache
  60. Persistent ache
  61. Neuro Lyme illness
  62. Viral meningitis
  63. Improves eye sight
  64. Decreases swelling in nasal passages
  65. Add just a few drops to mascara to kill germs and enhance longevity
  66. Concussions
  67. Balances hormones
  68. Antidepressant
  69. Reduces stretch marks
  70. Heals throat irritation and harm because of acid reflux disease
  71. Migraines
  72. Fever blisters / chilly sores
  73. Aneurysm
  74. Arthritis
  75. Bronchial asthma
  76. Mind harm
  77. Carpal tunnel
  78. Coma
  79. Concussion
  80. Bronchitis


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